YGL Feature Update: 03/15/17

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    Matt LaPorte

    Thanks, Barry!

    Could you please give an example of a situation that calls for adding the "Tag" and the benefit of associating the tasks?

    Also, do you have to use a picture from a website to be inserted into the notes?  I was VERY excited to see the opportunity to add pictures because I thought we could add reservation agreements/leases/etc. to the notes, but these are pulled from the C drive, not the internet.   

    Have a great day!

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    Barry Mayer

    Hi Matt, Thanks for the comment and question. Tags are used to quick call out notes that are related to a specific activity or task, such as a "tour". In my screen shot below I've tagged individual notes with the word "tour". The note feature then gives you the option to filter by your tags, so you can show all of and only the note entries that are tagged with "tour". Re. the image saving- this feature is only for web images, not for documents saved on the C drive. 

    Thanks and I hope this helps! 

    -Barry Mayer | You've Got Leads!


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