How Do I Use the Owner Column?


How to Utilize the Owner Column in Tasks


How to Utilize the Owner Column in Tasks:

  1. First select your lead
  2. Then select the lead’s name to access their profile page

Fun Fact: For a quicker way, try selecting the sales phase for that lead (for our example, you would select “No Contact Made”).

  1. You will then want to select “View Tasks” to access their task page
  2. Select “Add new Task” to create your task line
  3. Edit the row to reflect the task that you would like
  4. Under the column “Owner” – select the user that this task will be assigned to – keep in mind that this person will see this task as their own
    1. This will also reflect in reports
  5. Once you have entered in the task’s information, select “Save Changes”
  6. You have now properly assigned a task an owner!


For images as well as instructions, open the document attached!

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