What Areas of YGL Can Be Customized?

The YGL Support Team can customize several areas of YGL related to Tasks, Sales Phases, and Closed / Denied, Apartment Preferences, and Care Needed details for your organization.

Requests for customized options should typically be submitted by Corporate level YGL users of your company by utilizing the 'Support' tab, and sending in a support request through the accompying form, or alternatively by emaling support@ygl.zendesk.com if they do not have a YGL login-- but are authorized to make these changes for your organization/property. 

Note:  Customizations can take up to five business days for us to configure for you after your request is approved.  Also worth noting, many of these 'customizations' are done at an organizational level, meaning they will show as options for every property in your organization using YGL, so please keep that in mind when requesting customizations.


More about Custom Tasks can be learned below:

Custom Tasks

YGL users have the ability to schedule follow up tasks for both the Leads and Lead Sources in their YGL database. In addition to the tasks that are currently available, the YGL Support Team can create additional tasks at your request.
Currently in YGL, users can schedule the following tasks for Leads: Call, Email, Fax, Mail, Tour, Home Visit, Deposit, Assessment, Move In, Transfer, Move Out, Close - Lost Lead, and Other. Tasks that exist for Lead Sources include: Call, Email, Fax, Mail, Tour, Sales Call – Appt., Sales Call – Drop By, and Other.
You can request to have the names of the existing tasks changed for your organization. You can also request the addition of custom tasks. A new task could be a sub-task to any of the existing tasks or a new task entirely.

Custom Sales Phases

The YGL Support team can create new or rename existing Sales Phases at your request. Currently in YGL, the following Sales Phases exist: Create 1st Task, Potential Admission, Pre-Tour, Post- Tour, Scheduled Move-In, Move-In, Move-Out, and Closed - Lost Lead.
The Sales Phase for every lead is determined by the scheduled and completed tasks in the lead’s record. Search for leads by the Sales Phase by using the “Sales Phase” filter on the ‘Lead Search’ page. The number of leads in each sales phase is reported on the “Sales Pipeline Report”.
If there are any additional sales phases in your organization’s sales process that you would like to capture, the YGL support team can add/rename them at your request.

Task/Sales Phase Hierarchy

Each follow up task that can be scheduled for a lead may be associated with a particular sales phase. When a particular task is completed (or even scheduled), it will trigger the lead to advance to the sales phase with which that task is associated.
In addition to creating custom tasks and sales phases, the YGL Support Team will also define the relationship between the task and sales phase according to your needs. When creating a new task for your organization, we will define the sales phase that becomes generated when the task becomes scheduled/completed.

Custom “Closed” Reasons Destinations

When a “Move Out” or “Close - Lost Lead” task is created for a lead, the YGL user must indicate the Reason the lead is being moved-out or closed as well as the destination of the former resident/lead. Several Reasons/Destinations already exist for both of those tasks, and the YGL Support Team can add custom Reasons/Destinations at your request.

Custom Field in YGL

Want to improve your own organization’s lead profile forms? Whatever your specific preference for the custom field may be, it’s only a couple of simple steps to include this feature in your own YGL account.

                Step 1: Decide what type of field you want to add (e.g. drop down, checkbox, textbox, or date picker) and what to call it. (title)

                Step 2: Specify the options to include with the custom field. E.g. if a drop down, what options should be included in the list.  

                Step 3: Submit your request to YGL Support at support@ygl.zendesk.com

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