How Do I Print Mailing Labels


  •  Before printing out mailing labels, make sure to filter your lead (or lead source) listing as desired.
  • After doing so, then click on the mailing labels envelope icon in the lower right of your list of leads (or lead sources). 



  • You will see a pop-up window for the Mailing Labels.  Choose the correct label type from the available options along with the parameters of the mailing label check-boxes
  • If you do not want incomplete addresses to be printed out, be sure to check that box
  • Generally, if you are printing out labels for leads, then you likely want to check the 'Show One Address' line or your labels will have a blank space where the second address line would be.  If you are printing out lead sources, since many come from businesses, you would be more likely to keep 'Show One Address Line' unchecked in this case. 
  • Click 'Export' button to export the listing based on your parameters to an Adobe PDF file
  • (Note: You will need Adobe installed in order for this to work correctly. Contact your local IT if you do not have this free software installed). 

mceclip2.pngDepending on your web-browser settings you will typically see the PDF file saved to your local computer.  You will have the option to 'Add Group Task' which will put a 'task' showing you performed a mailing to the filtered leads in your list.  If you do not want to add a group task for all the filtered leads, simply click in 'Skip' and you can the open the PDF file and print it out (make sure to put in your mailing labels before printing the PDF file). 



 You can also select to view the same instructions in a word document format!

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