How Do I Perform An Email Blast To My Contacts?

YGL doesn't actually have e-mail capability because all of our partners use different email clients (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and it would be difficult to program this functionality into the software without knowing what email client partners are using--however there are a few different methods for performing this action on your end nevertheless.  See below:

1) Open Leads Tab (or Source Tab)
2) Select the gray 'Clear Filters' button to the right of the blue search button
3) select filters that you would like email addresses for (i.e. only hot leads, all open leads, etc)
4) select the blue search button
5) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and to the right, select the green excel icon
6) Open the excel document
7) Are you emailing resident contact or primary contact? Using the scroll bar to the bottom right to find the appropriate column
8) With your mouse, highlight the entire column except for the title header
9) Right-click with your mouse and select copy
10) Open new email
11) Right click either in BCC or CC and then select 'Paste'

- Some partners may also use or utliize third party email blasting software in conjunction with the exported data from YGL

Again, this really comes down to your personal preference or method of wanting to email blast your contacts.

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