Notes Do Not Display Correctly in YGL

Because YGL is web-based software, how it displays may be dependent on the settings you currently have set in your specific web-browser for viewing web-pages:

A few troubleshooting tricks to try if you are experiencing this issue of notes being cut-off or the notes window not showing on the page correctly...

-  Try adjusting the 'zoom' feature in your web-browser's main menu to see if this 'fixes' the display of the notes section (this is typically the most common fix for this type of issue). 

- If that doesn't work you can try checking to see if your web-browser may have a 'text size' feature similar to the 'zoom' feature and see if changing those settings may help.

- If neither of those two options work, you may want to check your monitor's resolution size, and make sure it is set to something compatible for viewing the YGL screen.

If you are unsure how to perform any of these troubleshooting steps, you may want to check your specific web-browser's help documentation, or your local IT department or staff for assistance.

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