All About Central In-Take

Central In-Take is a configuration we can make for partners who wish to set a specific individual at a specific community to act as a 'central in-take' location for A Place For Mom referred leads.  

This central in-take contact would then transfer the leads to the appropriate users and communities after screening them at the central in-take community.

If you would like to set this configuration up for your organization or communities, please let us know by submitting a support ticket, or emailing us directly at:


Individuals designated as the central in-take user will want to read the Best Practices documentation below to make sure they are following the central in-take process correctly.

Central In-Take Best Practices for You’ve Got Leads

 You’ve Got Leads users who will be processing the leads for all central in-take communities should be property-level users that have access to all the communities they will be transferring leads to along with the central intake community.

  • Designated central in-take users should monitor their task list or task calendar for new leads (in addition to the referral email they will receive from A Place for Mom).
  • After the central in-take user has decided to route the lead to a new community, they should go to the lead detail page and press the transfer lead button. They will be presented with a list of communities.  They will select one, and press transfer.  After transferring the lead, they should switch to the community that received the lead, and locate the lead (filtering by ‘last name’ is a good search tip).  Once located, open the lead’s tasks and create a new task, and assign it to the person at the community who should be responsible for the new lead.

Additional Notes For The Central In-Take User On Importance Of Creating A New Task After Transfer

It is important to create the new task after the transfer for a few reasons:

  1. First, if you were to create the task before transferring the lead, the task would only be in the notes--tasks do not transfer with the lead.
  2. Second, even if you could transfer the tasks, the users who should be responsible for the task will most likely not have access to the main central intake community, and would therefore not be in the list.
  3. Third, creating a new task will insure that the lead does not get overlooked by the community marketing director who is likely monitoring their task list or calendar.


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