How Do I Check for Duplicate Leads?

You can now check for duplicate leads!

Leads that are auto-populated into the system will automatically be checked and flagged if it's potentially a duplicate. The same automatic check will be performed for any manual lead entries. Take a look at the new column for the 'Leads to Qualify' tile:

If there's a green check mark next to the new lead, it is a unique lead. If there's a red flag, it means the lead is potentially a duplicate.



Simply add your lead and revisit the profile page - look for the link to the right of the name and you should see "Duplicate Check" - select "Duplicate Check"



After selecting the link, it will open another window with any possible duplicates. If there are duplicates, it will display two rows (one is the profile you just created and the second is the duplicate) - you can select either name to delete:



There is also a new report that will display all potential duplicate leads. You can find this report under the reports tab at the top of the screen and then hovering over 'Lead Status Reports' and select 'Duplicate Lead Check'.


Select the correct community and then select 'Generate Report' - it will populate with a table similar to below:


You can then choose to show both primary and resident contact to compare names or just show either the primary or the resident. Any name that has a similar last name or name will populate. You can then select the appropriate name to either review the information compiled or to select to delete (by selecting the red delete button). 

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