Data Upload - $350/property

Import Existing Data from Excel to You’ve Got Leads

The YGL development team can import existing lead and professional referral source data into your YGL account.


Step One: Obtain your existing data in an Excel or .csv format

Many different programs and data extracts have their own uniquely defined- terms, fields, and categories, YGL therefore has of necessity adopted a standardized YGL Data Upload Template, in Excel, which is used as an intermediate transfer tool, helping to facilitate uniform data migration and import into YGL. 


Step Two: Transfer your data to the YGL Data Upload Template

(download link available at the bottom of this page)

This step is probably best performed by somebody at your organization who is skilled and proficient with spreadsheets and databases.

The data should be copied and pasted (migrated over) to the corresponding fields in the YGL upload template, i.e.  lead contacts in the Leads tabs, source contacts into the sources tab, and tasks etc.  NOTE: to link records in any database, they must have a unique ID.  So for example--if you want to link a task that is in the task table to a lead in the leads table, they must have a matching ID that links them. 


The YGL Upload Template contains three tabs which accept data:

                Leads:  Resident (and potential resident) and Primary Contact (usually the adult child) info.   (other programs might refer to the Resident/Potential Resident  As ‘Prospects’.  )

                Referral Sources:  Sources (often referred to as ‘contacts’ or professional contacts) of leads such as professionals, organizations, agencies etc.

                Tasks: any tasks associated with leads records.


Step Three: Submit the complete YGL Data Upload Template to the Support Team at

Once you get your data into the YGL Data Upload Template, the prep work isn't necessarily done. The YGL team will review the template for accuracy and either collaborate with you if any updates/edits are needed or send directly to the development team for importing.


The import fee is $350 per property, per import. As always please reach out to us with any questions

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