Getting Started with Zapier

 Below are the instructions for how to integrate with Zapier and get started! We recommend that you download the PDF file so that you can see the step by step process with screenshots!



Zapier Integrations Instructions


These instructions will guide you on how to setup your integration with Zapier! Zapier is a great product that will allow you to take YGL information and put into programs/apps that you are already using.

For more assistance with Zapier and how it helps, please visit


  1. Select ‘Integrations’ on your home dashboard. Make sure that you are in the community that you would like to create the integration for! This process will need to be repeated for each community.
  2. Select ‘Zapier’ logo to visit their page to create an account


  1. It will prompt you for information, please fill the form out completely
  2. Once you have signed up, please keep in mind that you are creating a free profile and will have a limited profile after 14 days. For more information about their pricing and plans, please follow this link:


  1. It will then prompt you to select apps that you are using or would like to connect to! Choose up to 5 to start and then you can always add more later on



  1. After selecting continue, it will provide you a Zapier Dashboard that looks like the following
  2. You can now create ‘Zaps’! Head back to the Integrations landing page and select the ‘here’ link to add YGL as an application



  1. An invitation will pop up, please select ‘Accept Invite and Go to Dashboard’ – you can now integrate YGL with other programs! Let’s demonstrate how we can now integrate YGL with MailChimp


  1. Select ‘Make a Zap’ on the top right of the page


  1. It will then prompt you to select a trigger app. Type into the search ‘You’ve Got Leads’


  1. Once you’ve select ‘You’ve Got Leads’, it will prompt you to connect the account with an API key which you can find on the integration page


  1. Select on the ‘Community API key’ box to generate the key
  2. Then paste into the ‘Connect an Account’ window
  3. It will then bring you back to a screen that looks like this. Select ‘save and continue


  1. It will then ask to test the connection – select ‘Fetch & continue’
  2. It will notify you if the test is successful. If the test is not successful, please reach out to the YGL support team so we can further investigate.
  3. Then select the app that you would like to integrate with
  4. Select the appropriate app (for our example, ‘MailChimp’) and then select ‘continue’


  1. It will then ask what you would like to do with MailChimp. We can say that for every new lead that we enter, we would like to add them to our mailing list in MailChimp. Once decided, select ‘Save and continue’:


  1. It will then ask that you connect an existing MailChimp account. Please note: You cannot create an account with the app from this process. If you need a new account, please visit the app’s site directly (in our case MailChimp) separately to sign up


  1. It will then prompt you to log in to your existing account
  2. It will then load your account, select ‘save and continue’
  3. You will need to connect the information in MailChimp – for our example, it will ask what list should the new lead be added to, what YGL field should be the first name, what YGL field should be the email address and so forth:
  4. Once completed, please select ‘continue’
  5. It will ask to test the MailChimp connection. Please select ‘Create and continue’
  6. It will display that the test was successful and you will then be able to select ‘Finish’
  7. All you have to do is name the ‘Zap’ and then flip the switch to reflect ‘On’ and you’ve now created an integration!


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