YGL Payment Portal & Information

Here is how to update your payment information.


You will want to go to https://crm.youvegotleads.com/account  . (You can also access this by clicking on your name at the top right and then click "Account")


Click on the "Billing" tab (if you do not have this, please reach out to support and we can help you)

Click on the date under "Next Billing Date". This is in blue



You will then be directed to the E-Pay website.


Click on "Wallet" tab and then click on "Add New Entry"



Fill out the billing address and set a name. Then select "Set as Default"  and click "Continue"


Fill out the credit card information and click "Verify"



You should be good to go!

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    I need to change my credit card information for our you got leads. I thought this was done, can you help me reenter my current credit card information? 419-224-6327

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