Q: How do I access the new 3.0 site?

A: You can login to 3.0 now at https://crm.youvegotleads.com using your current username and password.


Q: I forgot my password, how do I reset it in YGL 3.0?

A: On the login screen at https://crm.youvegotleads.com there is a ‘forgot password’ link underneath the login fields. Click this link and enter the email associated with your YGL user account and click send instructions.


Q: What if I need help, what do I do?

A: Please reach out to YGL Support directly via Phone; 866-333-0789 or Email; support@youvegotleads.com


Q: Will all my data be there?

A: Yes, all of your data is currently in both the legacy YGL platform and the new 3.0 platform. There is no need for data migration as the platforms are running in parallel.


Q: What if I update or add data to my account in 3.0, will it update in both versions?

A: Yes, any changes made to either version will update universally.


Q: Is there training on the 3.0 platform?

A: Yes, please click the following link to register for an upcoming 3.0 training session- Registration Link.  You can also view a self-directed full training video here.


Q: Is there are an additional charge for 3.0 training?

A: No


Q: Will the current 2.0 YGL version still be supported?

A: For the time being, we will still be supporting both platforms. Eventually all users will be required to use 3.0. The current plan is to remove access to the legacy YGL platform on September 30, 2018. A brief timeline of events can be view here.


Q: Will new web leads and auto-populated leads (such as referrals from APFM) go in to my old YGL account or will they automatically go into YGL 3.0?

A: Web-leads will be entered into both platform versions


Q: What are notifications in 3.0? What type of notifications will I receive?

A: Notifications will contain new, unread leads that have been auto-entered into your YGL account. Click here to see how this works.



Q: Can YGL 3.0 be used on your phone?

A: Yes. Users are able to access their YGL accounts on any device with internet. We will be updating all users with the official Mobile APP progress and anticipate the launch of the YGL Mobile APP sometime during Q4.


Q: Does it matter if I’m logged in to both version (2.0 and 3.0) at the same time?

A: No, this will not matter and you can use both versions as they will update together in real time.

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