NEW! How Do I Merge Duplicate Leads?




How will merging duplicate leads work?  When a duplicate is detected using the “check for duplicates” feature they will then be given the option to merge duplicates.  After selecting the leads that they want to merge together they will be see the values of both leads and be asked which resident and contact data they want to retain.


What if there are two different sources?  Because we know that families often come to you from multiple sources when you merge duplicate leads together source data of both leads will always be retained.  The oldest inquiry will be the primary source of the new lead.


What inquiry date will be the source of truth?  The date of the oldest inquiry will be the inquiry date once the leads are merged.


How will this impact tasks?  All tasks and notes will be retained in the new lead so you don’t have to worry about losing important information.


Will this change how reports work? The ability to merge duplicates will result in more accurate unique lead and conversion reports to help you make important decisions about your business.


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