Create, Deactivating, or Managing YGL Users As Corporate User

Attached to this knowledgebase article is a document in Microsoft Word format which will walk you through the steps on finding the Administration menu in YGL (for admin level YGL users only) and how to self-manage (create, delete, and provide property access) to your property level users for your organization or property(ies).


Note: If you deactivating a user we suggest changing the domain of email address for the user to .old or something similar.  The reason for this is you don't want the email address to continue to be used with a deactivated username.

This is especially true if your organization or property uses alias usernames where email addresses may be passed on to new employees who move into that position.

The reasoning behind this is in YGL, you can't have an empty email field, so it's easier just to change the current email address to something like (thisuser@seniorcommunity.old). This also makes sure you won't get an error if you try to setup a different user and attempt using the same valid email address. 

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